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Les Cabanes de Jeanne
Les cabanes de jeanne, 24290 Saint-Amand-de-Coly
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We are very thankful to all those who gave us a hand in this adventure of the Cabanes de Jeanne. They are many ! They are discreet but without them, the site of the Veyssière would not be what it is !



Ludovic Petit
Architect and artist of inside decoration, Ludovic Petit loves to give shape to spaces you feel at home in.

After working in the French « haute couture »,  he now lives and works in Marrakech... A place like his spirit : creative and always in motion !

For the Cabanes de Jeanne, he created lamps, mirisor, curtains,  duvet covers,  cushions, towel racks and photophores, all made in his workshop in Marrakech.

Ludovic Petit // //
Store Paris : "NEIGHBOURS", 30 rue des Petites Ecuries - Paris 10 -

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Ludovic Petit

Sarah Chayeb

Sarah Chayeb
Brillant student at the school of architecture and design,(Camondo, Paris), Sarah mixes creativity and and accuracy in her art, both in her sketches and in her photographs.

Brought up among trips and open spaces, she let herself go throughout the Dordogne, a land that she cherrishes

For the Cabanes de Jeanne, she shot all the photographs, inside and outside. Landscapes, portraits, daily life, details and inside scenes...she knows how to give matter to what you feel in an image...

We advise you to visit her website!

Sarah Chayeb // //

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