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Les Cabanes de Jeanne
Les cabanes de jeanne, 24290 Saint-Amand-de-Coly
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Swimming pools, traditional games and much more..

The news

Swimming pools

We have two sun-heated swimming pools. They are open from June to September. In the winter, we plan to open a Norwegian bath. 


The first pool is peanut-shaped ! With the jacuzzi, in the forground. The other is rectangular. .

The youngest visitors will enjoy the  slide and the padding pool.


Traditional games

At the Cabanes de Jeanne, having fun is not a matter of period of time or generation...let alone a matter of technology ! 

On the site, you will find a various range of games we call « traditional », which have been appreciated by both young and old players for ages.

Do you know the Frog Game ? The Dutch Billard Game ? The Barrel Game ?

These games will be yours for the whole summer and the weekends.


Paniers Gourmands

Menu for 2 guests : 34€

- Smoked « magret » (duck breast) salad
- « foie gras » (fat duck liver)
- A bottle of Pécharmant
- Cabécou (goat cheese)

We also suggest to offer you a breakfast cane basket directly served to
your log cabin !

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